How to get Mega Jackpot at Book Of The Dead slot

Unlock free spins in Book Of Dead slot machine

Monthly Free Spins are unlocked after the 10th Bonus Round, you receive 20 free spins with a progressive multiplier on the reels. Each consecutive win on the reels increases the multiplier by +1, up to a maximum of 1x to 5x.

The Sarah spins — This includes 25 free spins and is triggered if the bonus round is triggered at least 15 times. With the Wild Vine feature, you can turn up to 14 symbols into the wilds, and you’ll win 2, 3, 4 or 5 extra spins if 2, 3, 4 or 5 table sticks fall anywhere during the free spins.

Book Of Dead Feature Description and Symbols

As we have already mentioned, there are five reels involved in this online slot. The maximum number of winning lines is 25, but the user can bet by reducing this number. The fewer lines, the fewer chances to win, but the minimum bet will be reduced, which, of course, will suit players who want to play as long as possible, but are not willing to make too much personal money.

The Book Of Dead jackpots

There are a total of four progressive jackpots in the machine. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that immediately after winning the slot counter does not go down to zero (as in most other progressive gambling games), and is set at a certain level. Accordingly, one player’s win will not prevent another player from also becoming a millionaire. Progressive jackpots are distributed at the beginning of growth as follows:

  • $10
  • $100
  • $$10,000
  • $1,000,000

Subsequently, these amounts will increase evenly. Book Of Dead “released” more than one millionaire!

Advantages of Book Of Dead video slot

We can talk about Book Of Dead for a long time, but certainly its key advantage is the opportunity for any player to change his life once and for all, becoming a millionaire.

Understandably, big winnings don’t come to everyone, but someone who never tries to pull their luck by the tail will definitely never win. And that’s where the slot works, in which even a single bet can bring a win of incredible proportions.

Book Of Dead slot is the jackpot

It’s a little surprising that Microgaming has waited so long to combine two of its most famous and popular slot concepts. However, we are thrilled that they have finally succeeded. Players can now enjoy Cult of the Undead with the added opportunity to snap a truly life-changing mega jackpot. It’s hard to imagine how this case could not be a huge success, but as always, time will tell.

Engaging gameplay

The slot is notable for its exciting gameplay. You will never get bored here – the game draws you in from the first bet. The percentage of return is quite high. Even those players who have not conquered the jackpot note that even on simple winnings you can raise the deposit to a good level. The rules of the game are very simple. There are no hundreds of symbols at https://bookofthedead.bet/ nuances in the rules, complex bonuses. You can learn to play the machine and understand how it works in a minimum amount of time. Slot gives a lot of positive emotions. After all, it is no less important for the connoisseur of gambling than the opportunity to become the owner of the big prize.


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